About the Author


Rachael Renee Vaughn is an attorney who has practiced law in the state of Arkansas since 2004. She also teaches a course in criminal justice at a local college in West Memphis, Arkansas. Having spent her entire life in the southern region of the United States, she has first-hand knowledge of some of the colorful people who live there, along with their often colorful stories. Her access to the legal system has given her a unique vantage point for observing the triumphs and tragedies that life can bring, both inside and outside the court room. While her books are based entirely in fiction and are designed to entertain through the use of legal drama, she is inspired by the amazingly dedicated people who work within in the real world of the legal system of Arkansas.

Prior to her legal career, Mrs. Vaughn worked as an elementary teacher in various Arkansas public schools. This experience, along with her work with troubled families as a lawyer, has given her a special passion for families struggling with complex social, economic and psychological problems. Having faced these issues with many of her clients, and having concluded that there are no perfect legal solutions, her fictional stories often contain sub-plots that humbly attempt to point to the possibility of peace amid the chaos for anyone similarly struggling, as well as for each of the professionals and volunteers who work with them.

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